Günter Fruhtrunk : Ein konkreter maler

2 December 2010 - 26 February 2011

The exhibition will be opening Thursday December 2nd at Lorenzelli Arte and is a tribute to Günter Fruhtrunk, an artist of great quality in the world of abstract/concrete geometry in the period after the Second World War. The works shown in the exhibition, around 50 works on canvas, table and metal were produced between the Fifties and the end of the Seventies. The gallery has always closely followed Fruhtrunk's work and artistic development and has organized 5 personal exhibitions. 
The exhibition opens with “5 Kreiss u. violettes Quadrat” from 1956 and “Weisse Positionen” from 1957/59, that were fundamentally important works for the following production of the artist. Continuing with “Zwei kleine zwei grosse Reihen” from 1965 from the same series which has been shown in the exhibition “The responsive eye” at the MOMA in New York. And last but not least a couple of works that represent the most well known works of Fruhtrunk, some on metal with fluorescent colours that have been an example for many artists, and is a clear recognizable signature of his art. 

As a German Bavarian, student of Hans Arp and Fernand Léger, friend of Willi Baumeister, Max Bill, Julius Bissier and Arturo Bonfanti, Fruhtrunk developed a very personalized, constructive and concrete language of forms. In the course of his artistic career, he has brought to the extreme the possibilities of colour. It is well shown in this exhibition that, through thirty years of activity, he offers a comprehensive view on his artistic path. He was a predecessor of a language that even today is very present and he has inspired a large group of artists that owe him a lot. 

This is the final event for this year in which we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the gallery. The exhibition is set as part of the programme that consists of the re-discovery of artists that are less well known to the large public, not following the trends but anticipating the market.