Ronnie Cutrone : hey ronnie...hey paloma...

3 October 2013 - 15 January 2014

“The designs by Leonardo da Vinci and the mined codes were called cartoons. They live in eternal. Also the cartoons of the XX century have a life of their own and will live for ever in the heart of the people”.

“According to me Graffi ti and Neo Pop were the last artistic movement of the XX century. We painted for ourselves and for our friends in the bars and in the streets. There were no restrictions, we painted for love and everything is admitted in love and in war. The energy is extraordinary. The new energy to the natural state from which a new artistic movement had arisen. A new language was set, a type of stenography for the new generation weaning with
pop, the music and the television. A global shorthand for the new shift of artists and ideas, called Neo-expressionism in Europe, this decorative, social critique lived in the peripheral vision of all who visited on the metropolis of the world. A new look entered into the social consciousness onto the walls of the ghetto, on the speeding coaches of the underground ending up also in the museums.”

“If I make plans God laughs. My plans consist of publishing my book, making a movie and paint the rest of my life. I believe that maybe the computer will be the future of Pop Art. It seems to me that God is laughing”.


From the Interview by Giovanni Iovane to Ronnie Cutrone, 2000