Luce e Suono. L'Utopia di Piero Fogliati

24 February - 7 May 2022

Luce e Suono. L'Utopia di Piero Fogliati

Piero Fogliati was born in Canelli, Asti, in 1930. Since the 50s he approached the visual arts and informal painting, combining the poetry and perception of living with the anthropic noises of the city.
His objects interact with noise, light, movement, color, through optical-mechanical interventions. For Fogliati life is like a game, discovering the essence of things, to get intrinsic and imaginative secrets; global multi-sensory dreams, which give beauty and truth to reality.

The exhibition is a tribute to a great Italian artist which give voice to rivers, wind, color to the rain and tell the poetry of the world, in synergy with the man and his cities. Our aim is to bring him to the attention of the contemporary world through his works. 
The exhibition path is articulated in our two large rooms, hosting works of heterogeneous dimensions, with a setting up that pay homage to the artist, partially reconstructing the exhibition that Fogliati created in the Italian Pavilion2, at the Venice Biennale of 1978.

The installation implies a constant interaction between the objects and the user, so that the work of art, which is nothing but the sound or visual outcome, is revealed. The term "utopia" means, in fact, to perform an act repeated in time with respect to an event that would not be possible to replicate, such as isolating the sound of the wind or giving voice to rivers and lakes. The sequence of drawings, which together constitute the Fantastic City, is a tangible example of the impossible that Piero Fogliati makes possible by creating his works.

Soon available, the bilingual catalog, edited by lorenzelli arte and Roberto Borghi, with texts by the curator Roberto Borghi and interventions by Paolo Fogliati, Giuliano Gori, Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, Volker Feirabend, Daniela Castellucci and Roberto Borghi.