Maurice Wyckaert

1 June - 15 July 2000

Approximately thirty years since the last exhibition dedicated to Maurice Wyckaert, Lorenzelli Arte, together with the Museum voor Moderne Kunst of Ostend, take pleasure in presenting an important retrospective dedicated to a great friend and a great artist. On view will be about 40 paintings that will cover the full range of his vast creative work in Belgium, Italy, France, Great Britain and Israel.

… More than anything else he paints with the weight of his virility. He takes blocks of material which he carefully spreads with a knife, heavy opaque clods to which he gives a firm impulse, thick layers of impasto which he wants to get rid of by casting them onto his painting, on which he works all day long, carrying them from one canvas to the other, freeing himself, over and over again, without a moment's pause. Under the pressure of his sculpturing hand, the energies compressed in his being are transformed into massive and tormented landscapes, into unending stretches of land and fields, and into a turmoil of violent movement…. Max Loreau

To be published.