Marco Gastini

Marco Gastini was born in 1938 in Turin, the city where he now lives and works. 
After completing his studies in art at the accademia Albertina, he began his personal experience by moving from the need to overcome the stagnation of late non-representational painting, and to arrive, at first, at the definition of a form of painting, marked by elementary traces and gestures approaching the fields cultivated by contemporary “analytical painting." Then, towards the mid seventies, at a vision no longer classifiable in the codified tendencies of the moment. 
It was painting that aimed at conferring body and image on a continually renewed spatiality charged with tension and nourished by the generative strength of various materials such as, glass, plexiglas, wood, lead, iron, stone, etc. where Gastini puts in his work, leading them into a dialogue with colour.