Osvaldo Licini : in our opinion...

16 November 2001 - 15 January 2002

This is the first time since the museum exhibitions, (the last of which was held at the Casa Rusca Museum of Locarno in 1992-1993), that we have seen such a vast collection of Osvaldo Licini's works.

On view are one hundred works dating from 1928 to 1958, when, after winning a prize at the Venice Biennale, Licini died.

On view will be paintings such as Archipittura of 1935, already repeatedly shown at the most important international museums, (among which the Centre Pompidou), Il Milionario, 1938 - of extraordinary importance; Amalasunta su fondo nero, 1952; the two Grandi Amiche and Amalasunta n. 3, 1950 (which had been exhibited at the Biennale in Venice in 1950 and at the Biennale of S. Paulo in Brazil in 1951); Il Miracolo di San Marrr…co, 1951; Angelo ribelle su fondo blu cupo, 1951 and, lastly, Portafortuna (Merda), 1953.

All extremely important works, and, by now, a historical testimony of this extraordinary Italian artist.