Zoltan Kemeny : Migrazioni d'elementi

4 December 2003 - 28 February 2004

After the shows dedicated to Alberto Viani and Michele Festa during the last season, Lorenzelli Arte continues with its exhibitions of great sculptures.

On Thursday, December 4th, starting at 6:30 PM, Lorenzelli Arte will be inaugurating a double exhibition of works by Pierluca and Zoltan Kemeny, indisputable leaders of European sculpture after World War II (the former born in Banica, near Florence, the latter in Transilvania), both working in Paris, although belonging to two different generations.

“Migrazioni d'Elementi” (rooms A and C) consists of 10 iron, copper and brass sculptures in relief (1957-1960) and approximately 10 pencil and carbon drawings of Zoltan Kemeny (1953-1963).

It was these reliefs that made him famous as the winner of the “Gran Premio della Scultura Straniera” (First prize for foreign sculpture) at the Venice Biennale of 1964. They are presented as complex sculptures, made by “the use of cuttings, small tubes, nails, copper sheets, soldered together to form very thick agglomerations of small metal elements, arranged so as to create broad surfaces of serial structures, with frenetic rhythms, giving an effect of ancient Gothic gold jewellery” (M. Valsecchi, I rilievi di Kememy – Kemeny's reliefs in “Il Giorno”, Milan, April 11th, 1972). Agglomerations of different elements, therefore, constructions that convey complex images and plastic vibrations; works in which “the various colours of the metals used contributed to this jewel-like effect by means of a particular chromatic concatenation. Vibrations Excentriques 1959, Silence Optiqu 1960, Metal Parlant1960, the fantastic composition Cuboxcyronucleaire 1960 are some of the highly structured sculptures on view in this exhibition.