Jorge Eielson : The Infinite Ladder

15 January - 14 February 1998

On January 15th, 1998 Lorenzelli Arte will inaugurate an exhibition dedicated to Jorge Eielson entitled “La scala infinita” (The infinite ladder).

The exhibition will be open to the public until February 14, 1998.

This exhibition has two sections, five recent large-scale canvasses by this artist and one installation conceived for this space.

The two rooms suggest an ideal distinction between moments in Jorge Eielson's research: both the large-scale canvasses on one side and the installation (which gives the title to this exhibit) “La scala infinita” (The infinite ladder), on the other side, impose themselves as the natural evolution of his work, like a vertical movement, from the very beginning of the conception of the knot to the recovery of the “tradition of the new”. The canvasses of raw jute, set longitudinally like rhombuses, painted and no longer twisted nor knotted, are constellations, that is a multitude of knots according to Eielson's intuition, as demonstrated by scientific theories about the “knotted” form of the universe. The installation, a wooden composite ladder, extending towards infinity, emerges from a shroud of raw material, suggesting presences and forms visible through the shaded perception of vertical movement and of flight towards the sky.