Salvatore Cuschera : Principle

28 October - 18 December 1999

Lorenzelli Arte continues in his promotion of sculpture with an exhibition dedicated to a highly talented young sculptor, Salvatore Cuschera. Approximately forty works in solid iron, twelve of which large-scale, are shown together with 35 works on paper, at the headquarters of the C.P. Company.

According to James Harithas, the Director of the Ineri Foundation and of the Artcar Museum of Houston, Salvatore Cuschera is a “creator” of form, not a formalist. He calls on his innermost talents to create large-scale sculptures. He is a descendent of an ancient race of metal workers. Without exception, his works are complete compositions which ritualize and spiritualize the context in which they are set.

In the catalogue Guido Ballo implies that for Cuschera modulation is the very principle of sculpture: the chiaroscuro effects are clean-cut, well defined, recalling volumes, surfaces, essential edges, but always in function of the colour. And in this way he is also presented as a colourist sculptor, though it might be better to say constructor, because his sculpture is always a structural construction. Lastly, his most recent sculptures clearly reveal a predominant tendency towards elementary constructions, with internal movements that recall orthogonals.