Four Russian artists in Paris during the sixties

7 June - 22 July 2006

An important retrospective exhibition has just been opened at Lorenzelli Arte in Milan: “Four Russian artists in Paris during the sixties”. 

On exhibition sixty five paintings of Serge Charchoune, Philippe Hosiasson, Pavel Mansurov and Serge Poliakoff: four artists born around the end of the 19th century in various territories of the ex Soviet Union, who had in common the fact that they were actively at work in Paris during the flourishing artistic and cultural climate of the 1960s. 

After having been a place of fundamental importance for the debates that sprang up under the sign of the artistic avant-garde in the early 1900, in those years, Paris was still considered a very important meeting place of various artistic trends. 

A city open to art and cultural exchanges from all over Europe, a centre of the artistic market as well as the goal of anyone who wished to experience the adventure of art as part of life and work. 

Beginning with Mansurov's Tension Picturale, to the paintings inspired by the idea of harmony of sign and rhythm in the music and painting of Charchoune, to the surreal-informal magma of the Peinture of Hosiasson, down to the pieces of material and colour which animate Serge Poliakoff's Compositions, the pieces brought together in this exhibit wish to bear witness to the richness of the cultural climate of Paris, inviting the visitor to enter into the spirit of the age through the expressive peculiarities of the works of the artists.