Colour moves surface

6 May - 22 July 2011

Colour challenges the surface, the material dialogues with the movement. This is the meaning of Colour moves Surface, the group exhibition that will be opened on 5 May at Lorenzelli Arte and will be visible until 16 July. The show can be visited in the two halls of the gallery and shows the confrontation between a selection of twelve artists who each work with different instruments and techniques but all communicate a message that harmonically fuses with the artists present. Masters of colour such as Piero Dorazio or Max Bill that communicate with artists that seemingly do not use colour as main medium but who live colour in an integral and emotional way, such as for example Lee Ufan or Arcangelo. Such as the naturalness of the gesture that accompanies the primordial power of colour of Jenkins compared to the power that styles and tames the material by Pierluca or the refined chromatic range of Pasmore that modulates the surface almost to reach an expressive symbiosis between rationality and emotion.