Giorgio Griffa: Silence: let the painting speak

12 March - 14 April 2015

Silence; Let the Painting Speak is yet another homage to Giorgio Griffa at Lorenzelli Arte. It opens on Thursday, March 12th. , the seventh one-man show by the Turin artist at Lorenzelli Arte, an artist whom the gallery has always paid particular attention to. The numerous exhibitions proposed by the gallery from the mid-1970s to now testify to this. 

Giorgio Griffa is a major abstract painter and one of the most creative exponents of Analytical Painting (Painting Painting), a movement born at the end of the 1960s. It is with the work from that period that this show opens, a show that presents over fifty pieces that cover the years 1968 – 1978; surely his most interesting and significant, not only in the notable size of pieces, but, above all, in their intrinsic quality of absolute importance due their innate sublimity and the seminal quality of the investigation into artistic expression. 

Giorgio Griffa's pieces are free hanging canvases “un-constricted” by stretchers, in which color becomes the vehicle of an action and the marks the effect of a thought. They are contradistinguished by their essential formal compositions; marks, lines, strips, arabesques (pale at times), along with uniform fields of color painted directly onto the raw canvas; a painting of powerful immediacy, vivacity and luminosity that is executed without hesitancy and with great emotionality. 

It is non-referential work that aims at the substantial elements of painting; color expressed through primary decorative motifs and space that is an integral part of the pictorial composition.