Nel Nome di Dio Omnipotente. : Arti talismaniche, pratiche di scrittura sacra e protettiva dal nord della Nigeria

27 October 2021 - 22 January 2022

Lorenzelli Arte continues its recurring program of collateral initiatives promoted for this purpose to deepen themes and research related to contemporary art, but not unrelated to this marginal, to confirm the primary role of the gallery in the diffusion and comparison between cultures and for reaffirming the universality of art.

From Wednesday, October 27, until January 22, 2022, is pleased to present "in the Name of Almighty God. Talismanic arts, sacred and protective writing practices from northern Nigeria. "

The exhibition hosts 80 unpublished works in the heart of Milan, belonging to Hausa, an ethnic group of over 70 million individuals, settled between northern Nigeria and southern Nigeria.

It is an immersive world of traditions that might be distant to us, but that refers to ancient protective, divinatory, and thaumaturgical practices, known from the Middle East, the Greek World-Roman, Jewish Kabbalah, up to medieval Western alchemy.

The collection consists of authentic religious and poetic manuscripts, plates used for the study and the memorization of the Koran; certificates and qualifications of completion of religious studies, tables in wood and metal for the protection of homes and people. And again, skins with symbols and formulas apotropaic, examples of popular recipe books on the esoteric sciences, talismans, and objects for divination.