Georges Noël: Encountering: Georges Noël - Paintings 1957 - 1994

16 January - 30 May 2020

Lorenzelli Arte features forty large-format works by the artist Georges Noël from the 21st of January to the 15th of June 2020, mainly oils on canvas as well as some canvassed papers, wich present to the public of Milano a cross-section of the artistic production between the years 1957 and 1994. The personal exhibition of the French artist in the spaces of Lorenzelli Arte is also a welcome return: a first solo exhibition of the artist was held in 1990; occasion in wich a series of works representative of the stylistic evolution that marked Noël’s career were presented to the city.


Georges Noël was born in 1924 in France, in Bèziers, he studies both painting and engineering and works for 9 years as designer-draftsman for the aeronautics company Turbomeca, until 1956, when he decides to move to Paris to dedicate himself completely to painting.

He was since the beginning influenced by the works of Dubuffet, Klee, Pollock and Fontana and right from this initial phase is visible the style that will characterize his entire work: energic graphical gestures along with structural patterns. His interest for drawing and “automatic writing” will bring him to invent his own medium - composed by powder pigments, sand and glue – on wich he inscribes his personal simbolic language, that if observed critically, reveals his deep interest for the magic and mistery of the prehistoric, tribal and archaic cultures. In 1969 Noël moves to New York where he will stay until 1983. The american period will bring to a change of style: his work became more structured, geometric and architectonic. During the eighties a late stylistic development will create a synthesis between the gestual impulses from his early works and the more structured composition from his New York period. Prolific and inventive, Georges Noël’s career is characterized by an unusual range of styles and a considerable amount of different supports, while the presence of graphical signs remains unchanged.