Arcangelo: persian rugs, sarcophagus, amphoras: Sarcofago, anfore, tappeti persiani

17 February - 1 April 2000

Three rooms, three series which we could call The carpet room, The amphora room, The Sarcophagus room. 

The importance of this reappearance on the Milanese scene is increased by the particular character of this exhibition, which has been conceived and carried out, modulating his works, following his inspiration and remaining coherent with his shifting between past and present, which began two decades ago and was pursued through cycles of works, like his sculptures dedicated to Altars, Ships, the Mecca, or to such paintings as Mysteries, Dogon, and Persian Carpets, as shown in the collections of the main European museums. 

Arcanagelo's creativity leads him to work at the same time on painting, sculpture and drawing. 

The very fact that his artistic activity is not limited to a choice of materials to utilize gives him a unity of vision which takes the form of thematic cycles. 

These cycles deal at the same time with the problem of bi-dimensionality and the relationship that the artist has with the surrounding space. 

These are different works but at the same time they create a logical thread; this thread leads him to return to the various ancient cultures in one single key of which the works themselves are an echo.