Pierluca : Lacerazioni e aggressioni

4 December 2003 - 28 February 2004

“Lacerazioni e Aggressioni”, instead, is the title of the exhibit dedicated to Pierluca,(rooms B and C): approximately 30 large-scale works in iron, steel, aluminium and copper: solid metal blocks split by a gigantic force, sheets welded in thick sections perforated like bombed carcasses, with violent tears in the metal mass (M. Valsecchi, Pierluca laceratore di metalli – Pierluca tearing metals, in “Il Giorno”, Milan, 27th November, 1969). This extraordinary and unfortunate artist – he died young in Malaga in 1968, victim of an accident – Pierluca created works that ignore the rhetoric of fascination and the proclivity for a facile “literary taste” but “accept the cuts, the tears and the lacerations of a knowing gesture” (C. Giacomozzi, Fogli Lacerati – (Torn Sheets), in “Vita”, Rome, December 7th, 1961). Lacerazione 38A, 38B, 38C, Grande Lacerazione (Great Laceration) of 1959 are works of great power, of great physical impact and austere elegance, a dramatic, “formal” sign of a destiny, all permeated with their personal physicality. Pierluca himself explains it in his own words: “… I bent / hard materials as if they were clay / I tamed stone, bronze and steel / I shaped thoughts, volumes and spaces / in order to “conquer” the idea” wherever it is important to emphasize nihilism beyond any suspicion: “…..truth lies in the courage / to carry out a gesture / because, all in all, /the intention is to / destroy everything in order to start all over again” (G. Marchiori, Pierluca, Alfieri Edizioni d'Arte, Venmezia 1967).