Marcello Morandini : Formemutanti

22 March - 20 April 2002

Marcello Morandini has always recognized his double identità as both artist and designer. Far from appearing contradictory, this aspect is what has in various ways characterized his production from the beginning to the present day.

Morandini's path includes and contemplates all the possible implications that derive from the constitutive and regulating principles of the so called “exact sciences”. From mathematics to geometry, from algebra to the binary systems, from the concept of dualism in its contradictory opposition, and, to use a colourful expression, the contraposition of black and white - that is to say, of the two extreme terms of the concept of “colour” - this all represents his key concept, which is the basic seed of his work.

Owing to his philosophical and rational view of existence, Morandini turned to the study of primary and elementary forms. For this reason there has been talk of Bauhaus influence, of minimalist contamination, of structuralist selections, of constructivisms of the old avant-garde tradition, of kinetic suggestions, and of Optical Art. (H. Kruschwitz).

Today, as one can easily see, all this can be verified and traced back to the results, to the setting up of the processes of the standard production of the object to which Morandini has dedicated a great part of his work, and also to the observation of the evolution of the forms which continually spring up while developing the project.

“Formemutanti” (evolving forms) is the title of the exhibit which Morandini had given to this new show at Lorenzelli Arte.

This anthological exhibition will be articulated in two sections. On view in the first room will be the most recent and hitherto unseen architectonic works, while the second and third rooms will be dedicated to sculpture and to planning. On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile (Furniture exhibition) 2002, a part of the exhibition will be dedicated to architecture and design.