Alberto Viani was born on the 26th of March, 1906 at Quistello di Mantova. 
He completed his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice as a pupil of Arturo Martini whom he succeeded in 1947. In 1946 he joined the Fronte Nuovo delle Arti, and with this group he exhibited first in Milan, at the Galleria della Spiga, and then at the 24th Biennale di Venezia when he won a prize for young sculptors. 
In America he began exhibiting in the second half of the ‘40s. The Museum of Modern Art in New York was one of the first prestigious international museums to acquire one of his works, "Nude" or "Feminine Torso". He participated twice in the international exhibition of sculpture at the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburg in 1958 and 1964. He participated in 1958 in the first Biennial of S.Paülo in Brazil and, in 1955, in its VIII Biennial. Numerous exhibitions followed continually, in Italy and abroad, immediately after the war. Worth remembering, apart from the already mentioned exhibits, are a few important exhibitions in Hamburg (“Plastic-im-Freien”, 1953), in Zurich (“Junge Italienische Kunst”, 1954), in London (1955), in Paris (First International Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture, Rodin Museum, 1956), in the Carrara Biennial (1959), in Dallas (at the Dallas Museum of Contemporary Art, 1960), in New York (Odyssia Gallery, 1961 and 1967), in Darmstadt (First International der Zeichnung, 1964), in Mexico (at the Museum of Modern Art, 1966), in l'Aquila (“International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, 1968), in Padua (at the Bronzetto Biennial,1975), in Brussels (at the exhibition of European Sculpture, 1979), in Prato (Castello dell'Imperatore, 1980), in Mantua (Palazzo Te, 1980 and 1990), and in Venice (at the Vendramin Calergi Palace, 1985). 
Alberto Viani died in Venice on the 10th of October, 1989. Since the ‘80s Viani's works have been exhibited continually in numerous national and international exhibitions.