Osvaldo Licini

Osvaldo Licini is born on March 22nd, 1894 in Monte Vidon Corrado, in the Marche. 
From 1908-1914 he is in Bologna, enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts. in 1914 he exhibits works at the Hotel Baglioni in Bologna. In August-September of 1913 he writes "La Merda che fuma" (Shit that Smokes). Beginning in 1914, he studied at the Academy in Florence, where he has a studio. In 1917, he moves to Paris. He develops a friendship with Modigliani and the artists of his entourage. He often stays on the Cote d'Azur, where he painted landscapes. 
Beginning in the 1920s until his death, in 1958, he held many important exhibitions throughout Europe.