Luca Serra

Luca Serra was born in Bologna, Italy in 1962. After his graduation from Art School he travels to the South of Spain, which becomes an experience that fascinates him. Encouraged by Giovanni d'Agostino, he registers at the Academy of Art. At the same time, he works in the world of advertisement and editing and in 1986 he becomes a co-founder of a graphic agency. Following that, he was a computer scientist, editor and a publicity agent for a few years. 
In 1988 he graduates from the Academy and travels between Rome and Madrid where he starts to paint and reflect on his artwork. In this period, while making a series of small sculptures in lead, his attentions shifts to works with limestone and plaster. From this analysis a series of plaster and graphite was originated and exhibited in 1991 at the personal “Abîme,” at the Gallery Aperta in Modena. 
He is invited to some manifestations of young people: the Biennale of Young Artists of Mediterranean Europe, 1992, Valencia, Iceberg ‘92, Galleria Neon, Bologna, Biennale Giovani, Rijeka, 1993. In 1995 he opens a personal exhibition at the Kunstverein Nord - Galerie Z&M, Bremen, and participates at the group exhibition «Non Plus Ultra» at Lorenzelli Arte in Milano with whom he starts his collaboration. He is invited in 1996 to the 48th Edition of the Michetti Premium, participates to the group exhibition “Consistenza della Pittura” at Palazzo dei Diamanti of Rovereto and “Superfici e attrazioni” at Civica Raccolta Del Disegno of Salò (acquisitions 1996). 
In 1998 he exhibits with “Conversazioni” at Gallery Otto in Bologna and then with “Corrispondenze” at Lorenzelli Arte in Milan. In 1999 he returns to the South of Spain where he establishes himself near Almeria. The same year with his series “Morado” inspired by a series of landscapes, exhibited at the group show “6 Junge Kunstler aus Deutschland, Italien und der Schweiz,” he starts his collaboration with Galerie Carzaniga + Ueker, in Basel. From 2000 – 2001 he travels between Spain and Italy and has several exhibitions in institutional spaces, public and private galleries. 
His work is continuously shown at national and international art fairs such as the Basel Art Fair and the fairs at Bologna, Milan, Turin, and Zurich.