Serge Charchoune

Sergej Ivanovič Šaršun was born on August 4,1888, in Buguruslan, a small city in the Samara province, west of the Urals mountains. He studied at the business school in Simbirsk and had already began to paint in 1905 the “Paesaggi lirici dal vivo” (“Live Lyrical Landscapes”). The art was already for him “The Place of Ecstasy.” Unable to continue secondary studies, he returns to Buguruslan. He attempts to compete for admission to the School of Fine Arts in Kazan but is rejected. Subsequently, he prepares his admission to the School of Fine Arts in Moscow and comes into contact with the vibrant cultural climate of the city, where he becomes acquainted with impressionist and cubist painting and meets artists like Natalija Gončarova, Michail Larionov and Vladimir Tatlin. In May 1920 he holds his first show at the André Forny library and adheres to the Dada movement. In this period, he participates intensely with the initiatives of the Dada movement. The collaboration with Galleria Lorenzelli began in 1959, the year of his solo show in Bergamo, held in April. He exhibits again a solo show in the spring of 1969 and in November of 1974 in Milan, while in 1996 is the large anthology that presents a good 121 works from 1923 to 1969 at Lorenzelli Arte. Serge Charchoune dies November 24, 1975 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges.