Catalogo della mostra "Sguardi. Dall'Interno dell'Accademia di Brera"

The catalog of the exhibition "Sguardi. From Inside the Brera Academy" is now available at the Lorenzelli Arte Gallery.

A bilingual volume (Italian-German) that accompanies the collection of works with various critical texts, written by the students of the two-year course of Visual Cultures and Curatorial Practices, able to tell not only the individual authors but also some specificities of ‘making art’ in Brera , also touching on issues related to the European circulation of artists and their works.




Bandecchi & Vivaldi, Pontedera



Writings by:


Giovanni Iovane

Andrea B. Del Guercio

Raffaella Pulejo

Matteo Lorenzelli

Anett Göthe

July 16, 2021